User styles that simplify UI and give focus to the content on some of my favorite websites.



Over the years the news feed has become a bit too cluttered for my taste. This user style removes some of that clutter.

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Facebook screenshot


I love Twitter. I especially love how simple it is on mobile. This user style brings some of that experience to desktop web.

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Twitter screenshot

Daring Fireball

My buddy, Mark Otto, made this one. He finds that light text on dark backgrounds make his eyes hurt so he wrote a bit of CSS to alleviate his pain.

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Daring Fireball screenshot


This is a little more than pure CSS. Darsain released this Chrome extension that allows you to see the higher quality versions of Dribbble shots. It feels good man.

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Dribble screenshot


I love the new photo feed for web but I love it even more with my friend's photos contrasted against a darker canvas.

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Instagram screenshot


This user style is pretty straight forward. It focuses the page only on the content. I also updated the type to Helvetica Neue.

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Techcrunch screenshot